Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Goin On?

I have been trying to grow more and much with each day, personally as well as professionally, so this past weekend I expanded my lens a bit more and had a session with two gorgeous little girls at the park. My back is still feeling the delight :)

Although my Lanipop wasn't ready for her close-up, she still showed me a little bit of love. What I love about children is that they are pretty easy to direct and the angles are way more flexible, yet when they are not in the mood, you hopefully live to fotograph another day. Note to self: Candy is a persuasive tool, bring it for the little ones. I will be posting a couple pics in a few days or so. I also did a session with a young fellow that makes me swoon every single time I review his pics. Once I have the heads-up from his parents, I will show some of his fotos as well.

Sidebar: For the parents, I will not post pictures on my blog or future site without your permission. Children are so incredibly precious and I completely respect and honor the parents' rights.

On another, bit more personal note, I talked with my sister, Iyeisha this eve and she has uberinspired me with her passion, drive, and support. She is in the process of starting her own company and I am so proud of her. When all is official, I plan on doing a special highlight post on her amazing new venture. I pray that she and I are successful in our businesses, and that is shown by the condition of our family, community, and hearts.

Take real good care.

Peace. salaam.

Jaasmeen-Private Party Session

Jaasmeen = so much flippin goodness (like seriously makes you wanna do some back flips). Jaas is a wonderful muslimah, giving, talented (architect and event planner - if you have something awesome to plan, she is the person), gasping for air hilarious, very very kind, and uberawesome!

I am blessed to know her, honored to call her friend.

She and I did a private party session, which is a solo session that doesn't necessarily need a reason, hey, sometimes you just wanna party by yourself :)

And this is what happened when God's light and a cam met Jaas one sunny day........

Ayinde&Rasheedah - Expecting

I absolutely love this couple. Not only are Ayinde and Rasheedah incredibly beautiful, loving, and willing models for my first foto session, but at the end of our session they treated this dessert addict to a moment of happiness via ice cream. May they be blessed indeed :)

Now, the young one is here and he is a chubbly (chubby+cuddly) bundle of "ooooooo-weeee". Congratulations Ayinde and Sheedah!!


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