Friday, February 12, 2010

Saturday Errands + Family Time

Sulaiman&Sakeena: Family Session: Part 1

In my heart, I wanted to fotograph this family, but I was too scared to ask without sounding weird "uh, yeah - could I take your picture?" Because that's not what I wanted to say, I don't try take pictures. I develop photographs, I write with light. With every shot, I focus on opening my eyes, bending to the light, waiting for the moment, and praying that God helps me out on this one. Soooo, when Sakeena contacted me about "taking their pictures", I was like "whoa! - how did you know I would be so flippin honored" and "certainly yeah, affirmative, I will" :)

But again, I had no idea, absolutely no clue of the awesomeness that lied ahead. It is the most amazing of formulas - you take two really good people from good parents, and then make those good people parents, resulting in two outstanding kids - you work really hard, pray even harder - and out comes the love - full on every frame, between every shutter. And did I mention how funny they are? Muhammad and Inaya had me in silent (sometimes) laughs almost the entire time. I love this family, from the goodness within me - they are truly reflections of love. :Phish: - don't believe me, check them out.

Sulaiman:Dad - Sakeena:Mom - Inaya:Daughter - Muhammad:Son

This was just Day 1, you ain't ready for Day 2 - it's coming :)